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A few ideas for wedding fashion excellence

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Makeup

So you are getting married! That is big news! Most likely, if you have already started the preparations, you should know by now that planning such an event is most definitely not an easy task. There is a bit of struggle you have to face up to. However if you are determined and focused, there is nothing holding you back from having the event of your dreams. Plus, a bit of creativity won’t hurt either. So, to make things a bit easier on you, here is what you should do. These are merely a few ideas, you can choose to use or not. Either way, seeing things from a new perspective understanding that a lot can be done with a modest budget and in an elegant manner should give you the peace of mind you need. You will have the wedding of your dreams.

The ribbon


Indeed one of the simplest ways to let everyone know that you are having a wedding to be remembered is to use the personalised wedding ribbon. How exactly is this going to help? Well, pretty simple actually, if you decide to invest in a larger quantity. Use the personalised ribbon on your wedding bag or discreetly placed on your dress. You could even place it on the groom’s outfit. It could work perfectly in your hair as well. As long as you carry it, in a romantic ad discreet manner, you will make quite the impression.


The flower


You need to find a flower for your wedding. This will be you wedding symbol. You could have a rose, a lily, a tulip, whichever flower you love the most. However, not only should you include it in your bouquet, but into those belonging to your bridesmaids. Additionally, if possible try to add the symbol on your dress. A real flower will work in your hair, but not exactly on your dress. So, first make sure you find a plastic or a fabric one that fits the real deal. Place it somewhere on your dress and you will carry the symbol with you at all times. Furthermore, the guests will recognize it, as the flower will be everyone on the scene.


The fabric


When deciding on the wedding dress, you should first decide on the fabric from which this is made. Some brides prefer satin, where as others believe that organza and tulle are a far better choice. Decide which fabric suits you and in which you feel most comfortable in. Also, when you have made up your mid, make sure you make your decision known to all. Choose wedding ribbons made from the same fabric. This way, you won’t go wrong.