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Best Heidi Klum Halloween Costumes

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion

Hedi Klum has managed to impress all of us with her amazing Halloween costumes. Every year, she puts together outrageous and complex costumes that are not so easy to create. In this article, we’ve gathered a top 4 list of her best Halloween costumes. These Halloween costume ideas will definitely inspire you, so take a look below.

Kali, the Hindu goddess

This costume is our top choice because it’s the most complex costume that Heidi has put together for the Halloween party. Kali is a Hindu Goddess who has the power to free souls from the cycly of birth and death. She’s the goddess of destruction, preservation and creation. Heidi has managed to create an amazing costume that consisted of a blue bodysuit, the belt with hanging heads and many other amazing components. The special effects are impressive and even the small things, such as the fangs, the red eye contact lens, make-up and accessories have taken this costume to the next level.

Dead body

Not many of us would want to see a dead body or a person with no skin. It’s actually a disturbed image, but for an Halloween costume it’s a great idea. Heidi Klum drew inspiration from the human anatomy and with the help of Bill Corso, a film make-up artist, has put together an amazing disguise that took almost 3 hours to apply. Corso has painted Klum’s entire body to resemble a skinless human body, and the results were quite breathtaking.

Garden of Eden apple costume

This costume is highly creative and beautifully designed. At that time, the famous supermodel was 8-months pregnant so she had to think of a way to disguise her huge belly. Heidi loves Halloween and she couldn’t let this holiday pass without wearing a fun Hallloween costume. So, she decided to wear a giant apple suit with a snake wrapped around the fruit. It has amazing special effects, the snake looks realistic and her makeup completes the look.

Lady Godiva costume

For our final choice, we’ve chosen a costume that Heidi wore in 2001. This costume is not as complex as the other costumes, but it’s still impressive. Lady Godiva was a nobblewoman from the 11th century, who rode naked through the streets and alleys of Coventry in order to convince her husband to lower the taxes. This is only a legend, but Heidi drew inspiration from here to create this mystical Halloween costume. She wore a nude bodysuit, a blonde wig and made her entrance while riding a horse.

While Heidi’s costumes are very inspiring, we have to say that they are not suited for everybody. If you don’t have the figure of a model, you are better off looking for some plus size Halloween costumes 2015 ideas. You don’t have to be a plus size woman to actually wear these costumes. The truth is that most costumes designed for women are way too tight and revealing and the plus size costumes are a better choice for many women.