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Best Running Shoes for Men

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Shoes

Running shoes for men are in high demand, especially for people who go for a run very often or who regularly go jogging. Certainly, a person who has time to run at least 3 times a week can afford a pair of shoes because they understand how important it is for them to own a good pair of running shoes, as they truly influence your ability to run and the ability to resist to the effort implied by this activity. Although men fashion wear can also apply to running shoes, these type of shoes must be firstly comfortable. In fact, most mens style tips advice to choose comfort before anything else. This applies both to shoes and to clothes.

The best running shoes for men, and women alike, need to have a high degree of comfort, to be very light in weight, to offer protection and stability to the feet. Mens fashion advice rarely contain information about sport wear, but it can be just as important to know what to wear and how to match clothes in order to be both good-looking and comfortable. Below you will find enclosed a list with the 5 best running shoes for men:

  • ASICS Men’s GEL-ANTARES – this is a pair of running shoes for people who firstly choose by the comfort that footwear offers and not by how it looks or if it fits the fashion trend. This absolutely makes sense, because if you think about it, once you go out for a run, you do it not to flaunt your new fashionable clothes or accessories, but to actually train, to put some effort into your running session. However, this doesn’t mean that these shoes are not stylish or that they don’t abide by the latest men fashion wear trends. It just means that they focus more on comfort than on looks. Nevertheless, if you are out there thinking about whether your shoes or clothes are fashionable, then you are not probably there for the run. You may as well stay at home or head to the mall and “exercise” your eyes, because running may not be your favorite activity.
  • NIKE FREE 3.0 HAVEN – These Nike shoes made our list of best running shoes for men, as they are created especially for people who prefer the comfort and protection that a such pair of shoes offers them.
  • INOV-8 F-LITE 230 – These shoes are favoured by hikers who enjoy running no matter the season and by most people who jog on a running track. These shoes offer a greater stability and their comfort level is also very high, easily entering our list of best running shoes for men. We like this shoes because they can also be integrated in casual outfits. If you read a men’s fashion magazine, you will see that most mens style tips involve integrating sports shoes in casual outfits.
  • NEW BALANCE MEN’s MX997 – These shoes are ideal for people who really think it through before buying a particular product and who prefer to save money. Also, this pair of shoes offers them a high level of comfort, even if the price is lower compared to other pairs that made our list of best running shoes for men.
  • REEBOK MEN’s ZIGNANO IGNITE – a pair of shoes for people who are always ready for any kind of activity, every minute of their day. It is very sought-after by adventure enthusiasts and people who like to be surprised.

We hope you enjoyed these mens fashion advice regarding running shoes, and that in the future they will help you figure out how to choose shoes that are not only comfortable for running, but good-looking as well.

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