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Button Necklace

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Jewelry

Even though buttons usually have a functional role in our wardrobe, sometimes they rebel and turn into accessories that are very pleasant to the eye. Well, in fact it is not the buttons who transform themselves into accessories. For this it is needed the help of skillful artisans and imagination. Thus, older or newer buttons, colored or transparent buttons, simple or ornamented buttons, turn into little gems that can cheer up any outfit.

From necklaces to brooches, rings and earrings, buttons can take any form and we can find them in the collections of many foreign designers, of basically any nationality. The only things that are needed in order to become a creator, a designer of such jewelry accessories, are skillful hands and imagination. With these two main qualities, anyone can become a jeweler of this type. Unlike other jewelry, the most interesting aspect concerning accessories made from buttons is that anyone of us can make them, with a little patience. There are also tutorials on the internet that teach you how to make a button necklace and other adornments made of buttons. And certainly, if you search a little around the house, you will find in the drawers various types of buttons (spares from clothes “inherited” from grandma or buttons that simply got lost from who knows where) which are quietly waiting their turn to be shown to the world.

Below we will describe the steps for making a beautiful and elegant button necklace.

For this homemade unique button necklace model you will need buttons of several models and sizes, a chain, a piece of chalk, a glue gun, a needle, a thread reel and a piece of felt. First place the buttons on the piece of felt that has only one layer, trying to design a model to be as original as it can be. When you have established your pattern, outline the model with the use of the piece of chalk. Move carefully the buttons from the felt, then cut out after the chalk outline drawn on the felt. Start sewing the buttons one by one.

When you have finished sewing the buttons, place the pattern obtained on a new piece of felt, outline it with the piece of chalk. Then glue the pendant with the glue gun in the outlined area marked with the piece of chalk (this step is needed to hide the stitches). After that, carefully cut the big piece of felt. Measure the chain and connect it to the pendant. And there you have it, your own handmade button necklace!

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