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Can women wear bow ties?

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion

Fashion is all about creativity, and although the most famous designers of the world set the tendencies for the next season at least twice a year, if you want to create your own style, you have to be innovative and passionate. Women all over the world try to get the most original looks and fashionable pieces of clothing, but since an iconic character of the fashion world said that you must be different if you want to be irreplaceable, it is crystal clear that just buying garments is not enough. The manner in which these are combined, the jewellery and accessories are also some significant variables which can make the difference. Many women prefer the girly style, while others are passionate about masculine clothes or they simply like to put on a tomboy outfit from time to time. For this reason, the bow tie, even if it is still associated with ancient times when it was worn by men, represents a chic and unique accessory both for men and women. In addition to this, while men have to wear it according to some fixed standards, women can improvise as much as they want – so even if you do not own a bow tie, you can simply buy all sorts of ribbons UK, which you can then match to your clothes.

In case you consider it a statement which is too masculine for you, and this does not represent you, try to wear it in a girly combination. This simple accessory can also be feminine, and does not have to be the traditional pinned bow which is stiffed to the collar of a shirt. It can be combined with almost anything, form jeans to pants, dresses or skirts. Bow ties can be worn with any occasion, day or night, and unlike men, who must wear them only at certain events after a certain moment of the day (during evening), women are not obliged to follow any standards. You can be as creative as you want: for a genuine masculine look, wear a bow tie with boyfriend jeans and a blazer, but in case you think this is too much, try a delicate outfit: polka dots shirt and a wavy skirt, pastel colours contrasted with a black ribbon placed around the collar, or just a colourful narrow piece of fabric imitating a bow tie. Although this detail will make people think about tomboy style, the colours and textures bring an elegant and feminine touch to the outfit. A floppy bow can be very delicate, especially if it is matched with a pin-up dress – this will result in a sophisticated ladylike attire. For a vintage outfit, try combining red and black or white, because besides being simple, this mix is a success no matter the occasion.

Take advantage of the fact that as far as fashion is concerned, women have more possibilities than men, and use everything to your advantage. There are endless opportunities, so you can simply replace the traditional style and create your own, using all the perks of fashion. Find inspiration in anything and try the most daring combinations, and you will ever get bored of your wardrobe.