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Crochet Necklace Pattern

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Jewelry

A beautiful necklace can easily complete and even highlight your entire outfit. There are hundreds of already made necklace models, awaiting for you to buy them and wear them with your favorite outfit. Though it is easier to buy a ready-to-wear necklace, it is a lot more satisfactory to make one yourself; moreover, manufacturing a necklace and offering it as a gift to someone dear is even more rewarding than making one for yourself. After all, the holiday season is almost here as December will get here in the blink of an eye; therefore, get your hands and fingers prepared for some… crocheting! And what can be more relaxing and suitable for this month of the year if not crocheting? A crochet necklace pattern is all you need to start crocheting your beautiful and unique necklace.

Before we get started, we want to share with you a little crocheting tip. Consider buying some yarn bowls, to prevent your yarn balls from rolling around when you crochet. This is particularly useful when working with delicate yarns such as silk. However, even cotton yarn can get damaged when rolling on the ground, or it can get all tangled up, and untangling a yarn is one of the most annoying activities in the world. So, invest in some good yarn bowls to keep this from happening. 

This crochet necklace pattern is one of the easiest ones to try if you are a beginner in crocheting with beads.  The crochet necklace pattern described below is named beaded choker and it is made by first stringing all the beads, then working them in as you stitch. When you are done, you attach the clasp. If you are just starting out with crocheting with beads, you should definitely give this one a try. The materials you need are:

  1. 112 “E” Beads in white pearlescent
  2. Crochet Cotton Size 10, Southmaid in light pink was used in this example
  3. Steel Crochet hook Size 7
  4. Tapestry needle
  5. 1 clasp of your choice and 2 jump rings
  6. Yarn Thickness: 10thread
  7. Standard of measurement: 8dc=1″
  8. Finished Size: 15″ L x ¾”

There are some special stitches we will create for this crochet necklace pattern:

  • Beaded Sc (bsc): Insert hook in stitch indicated, pull up a loop, pull up a bead, pull through both loops on hook over the bead so the bead is worked into the stitch.
  • Beaded Double Crochet (bdc): insert hook in stitch indicated, pull up a loop, pull through 2 loops on hook, pull up a bead, pull through last 2 loops on hook.

ROW 1: String all beads on thread. Ch115. Dc in 4th ch from hook and in each ch across. Ch1, turn. (113dc)
ROW 2: Bsc in first st. *Sc in next st. Bsc in next st. Repeat from * across. Ch3, turn
ROW 3: Dc in each st across. Ch1, turn.
ROW 4: Sc in first st and in each of the next 29 sts. (Bsc in next st. Sk next st. Bdc, dc, bdc, dc, bdc in next st. Sk next st. Bsc in next st.) Rep bet () 10 times more. Sc in each of the next 29 sts. Sc in top of ch3. Fasten off. Weave ends into back of work. Attach clasp to ends of row 1.

The abbreviations used are:
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet US (same as double crochet UK)
Dc –  double crochet US (same as treble crochet UK)
() parentheses – indicate a section to be repeated

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