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Current Fashion Trends – Fall 2017

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion

Fall is officially upon us and with it come the newest fashion trends. In the following months get ready to wear some bold new looks, but don’t forget also to reinvent some of last seasons’ trends as many of them are still going strong. So, without further ado, here is what your fall wardrobe should contain:

Power red outfits

Red is the official color for this fall. It is a bold color suitable for strong and sensual women. However, don’t think that you can get away with wearing just one red item. Get ready to go full read, from head till toes if you want to be in style.

The oversized sweater

Yes, the oversized sweater is still going strong. It is easy to be chic on cold days if you include in your daily outfits such a functional and beloved item. Although, at first glance this model appears to be a clothing item larger with a couple of sizes, stolen from your boyfriend’s wardrobe, it miraculously changes its look when accompanied by classic feminine clothes. Choose a buttery-white sweater for a sensual look and wear it with a pencil skirt and a pair of high heel boots. As a result, you will obtain an outfit with high thermal comfort, but which does not rob you of your femininity.

The cropped sweater

This beautiful model is one of the current fashion trends. It can be the centerpiece in a very feminine outfit, worn with a dress or a flared skirt made of soft toile with a pair of high boots with thick heels. The short sweater can also be worn over a white shirt with tight riding pants and high knee-level boots.

The maxi dress

The maxi dress is a statement item that will never go out of stile. Although it is mainly preferred for summer, this year we can confidently wear it during the fall as well. You can opt for thick dresses, specifically designed for the cold season, or you can reinvent one of your summer dresses. For example, a statement Veronica M maxi dress can successfully be worn with some layers at the beginning of the fall. Veronica M maxi dresses are classic pieces for women who prefer the bohemian look, and this fall, you can be as bohemian as you want to be.

Retro plaid

Plaid and fall go hand in hand, so it is no surprise that this season plaid continues to be a popular choice for many designers. However, this fall’s plaid proposals have a strong 70s vibe which is a nice twist on the classic plaid.

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