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Current Fashion Trends

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion

The current fashion trends of the cold season mostly include knitted clothing items. For an elegant look, the modern woman does not have to avoid knitwear anymore. In this season, they are available in all possible colors; they bring into your wardrobe playful prints and come in different sizes and benefit any type of figure. Find out which knitted clothing items should be in your wardrobe this season:

The oversized sweater

It is easy to be chic on cold days if you include in your daily outfits a functional and beloved item of this season: the XXL sweater is one of the favorites among the current fashion trends. Although, at first glance this model appears to be a clothing item larger with a couple of sizes, stolen from your boyfriend’s wardrobe, it miraculously changes its look when accompanied by classic feminine clothes. Choose a buttery-white sweater for a sensual look and wear it with a pencil skirt and a pair of high heel boots. As a result, you obtain an outfit with high thermal comfort, but which does not “capture” your femininity.

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The short sweater

This beautiful model is one of the current fashion trends. It can be the centerpiece in a very feminine outfit, worn with a dress or a flared skirt made of soft toile with a pair of high boots with thick heels. The short sweater can also be worn over a white shirt with tight riding pants and high knee-level boots.

The sweater-dress

It is a basic clothing item that should not miss from anyone’s wardrobe. Being a very simple item, the sweater dress can be accessorized as you wish. You can wear it with a skinny belt to define your waist, or you can wear it with long necklaces and multiple bracelets. The sweater dress can turn very easily and in a piece of clothing that can be worn at the office, if you combine it with a shirt. However, remember that the must-have outfit of this season consists of a sweater dress and a pair of high boots over the knee.

Cute sweaters with messages or animals

The inspiration of the current fashion trends comes from the animal world and from the world of funny messages and is among the trends that have dominated fashion runways since last year. The idea has continued this season, and creators have chosen exactly the animals and birds preferred by most of us. For a feminine outfit, mix such a sweater with a black leather pencil skirt. For a casual look, a sweater with your favorite pet or with a cute message in combination with a trendy pair of jeans is exactly what you need for a fresh look, achieved without effort.



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