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Do I wear my clothes or do my clothes wear me? Wardrobe lesson

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion

No matter what term you use to express the importance of fashion in your life, one thing is certain – the clothes you wear represent you. This is the reason why you need to be capable of putting together an outfit that speaks to your personality. The main dilemma remains: do you wear your clothes, or do they wear you – a statement that can make you think of the many reasons why you need wardrobe consulting.

In some cases, choosing clothes that truly mirror your individual characteristics can be way more difficult than you believe. No one wants to express something that they aren’t in real life, but this might happen because of small mistakes people make in selecting the items in their wardrobe. Specialists are the only ones who can help you discover your style and give you advice related to how to keep it up in the future. This wardrobe lesson is supposed to make you the true owner of your clothes. The goal is to be the boss of your wardrobe instead of letting some pieces of clothing to express false things about your personality.

Step one: discover yourself

Discovering yourself is a long-term process that can have a beneficial impact on your whole life. Knowing what your preferences are, where do you want to be in a few years from now on, what do you want to let people see when they met you and such details are paramount for creating a singular profile that leaves no room for erroneous assumptions from others. Yet this process can be unachievable for some. That’s the perfect moment to contact a wardrobe specialist that knows clothes better than anything. You’ll need to invest some time in establishing a relationship with your wardrobe consultant so that they get to know you enough to tell what would fit your charisma. 

Step two: visualize

The next step is visualizing. What do you think people see when you go out there and expose the outfit you thought about for hours? Do they get the wrong impression? Are your clothes more than you can handle? Remember that the sole purpose of this entire process is to be in charge of your fashion style. Building self-confidence is also part of visualizing your progress. Paying attention to the moment you first started to invest more in the way you dress and comparing the results with you in the present can offer plenty of satisfaction. Visualization is the stepping stone to understanding your tastes in fashion. Don’t focus on yourself only, but on the people that surround you as well. Notice their style and their uniqueness.  

Step three: evolve

The last step would be evolving. Your wardrobe will always need change and you may encounter a moment when you feel like your style doesn’t represent you anymore. Whenever you have the chance, talk with your wardrobe consultant and share your opinion. Fashion is continuously changing and keeping track with all the transformations is a must.