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Easy Step by Step Eye Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Makeup

Women who have mastered the art of eye makeup have the upper advantage over others as they can play with their look however they like, creating a pretty polish for that upcoming interview to impress not only with their skill but their appearance as well, or create a dramatic look to turn heads when they go clubbing. Alas, not all women master this skill as it takes patience, practice, and knowing the right steps to take towards that perfect finish.


If Mother Nature didn’t see it necessary to gift you with long lashes that go for miles or big eyes that draw attention even when you aren’t wearing any sort of makeup, you’ll have a hard time popping out of a crowd based on your looks. Luckily for you, makeup for the area of your eyes is a skill you can acquire surprisingly fast if you know what steps to take, and with a little practice over time, you too can be a downright sensation every time you go out the door.

Step #1 – Prepare your face

Clean your face first:

  • Before you start putting on your makeup, you have to thoroughly clean your face. To do it properly, you must massage a cleanser into your skin gently in order to remove any dirt that is clogged into your pores, as well as the oil naturally produced.
  • Check for your cleanser to be compatible with your skin type. There are specially designed cleaning agents for oily skin, normal skin, and dry skin, each of them using different ingredients in order to tend to your skin’s needs.
  • Thoroughly rinse off the cleaner using lukewarm water, and pat your face dry.


  • Another essential step that you cannot skin on is moisturizing, which needs to be done right after you clean your face.
  • Choose a moisturizer that isn’t only compatible with your skin type, but that has a sun protection factor that will help ward off spots and discolorations caused by sun rays.
  • Massage the moisturizer until your skin soaks it in – instead of only applying it around your eyes, moisturize your entire face as it promotes proper hydration.

Put on a primer:

  • The role of the foundation primer is to provide a barrier between your skin and the makeup. Seeing how, regardless of the quality of your makeup, there still are harmful ingredients in it that detriment the health of your skin, it is important for this barrier to exist.
  • The primer even helps smooth out your skin and it minimizes the appearance of your pores, so it’s best to apply it on your entire face.

Put on foundation:

  • When you apply it, don’t focus solely on the area around your eyes as it is an essential piece in any makeup. Thus, you should cover your face with it entirely.
  • Make sure you don’t forget to put some on your neck, décolletage, and ears, as it will promote uniformity and give you a more natural look.

Conceal your flaws:

  • Apply a concealer under your eyes to cover up those pesky dark circles and any other discolorations. You can use it to cover up any spots or blemishes on your face to make sure there won’t be any flaws distracting from the final result.
  • If the dark circles beneath your eyes are very dark in comparison with your skin tone, we recommend that you use a color correcting concealer.

Put on eye primer:

  • Make sure you don’t skip this step as the role of the eye primer is to help your makeup stay intact for hours.
  • We recommend that you do a little research and invest in a quality primer that will keep your makeup on even if you sweat at the gym or get caught in a rainstorm when you’re outside.

Step #2 – Apply eyeshadow

Gather up the right brushes:

  • Angle brushes come in handy when you are detailing and lining.
  • Small brushes are best to be used for precision work and when you want to intensify colors.
  • Medium brushes help with coverage due to their width.
  • Large brushes are best to use when you coat the eyelids, trying to create a natural look.

Pick three colors:

  • Creating a smooth transition between the colors you use is your main goal, so you must pick three colors that are similar.
  • Choose the color range as follows – light, medium, dark.

Putting your look together:

  • Use the lightest color on the brow bone and inner lid, the darkest one on the crease, and the middle one on the lid.
  • With the help of the smallest brush, blend the colors as smoothly as possible.

Step #3 – Apply the eyeliner

  • You can use a pencil or a liquid eyeliner for this step. If you want to make a wing, you should opt for the liquid model, but if you want to keep it simple and crease a soft or smoky look, it’s best to go with the pencil liner.
  • Apply it to the topside of your eyes by starting on the inside and working your way out. Play with width as you like.
  • Apply it to the bottom waterline as well if you want a heavier, more intense look.

Step #4 – Apply the mascara

  • First, you should curl your lashes a bit using a specialty curler as it will help make them look longer.
  • Hold the mascara wand beneath your top lashes and using a sweeping motion, brush them a few times to provide a perfect coating.
  • Be careful when you apply it to the bottom ones as their short length tends to make beginners smudge their faces.