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Expensive Shoe Brands

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Shoes

Some wear them on special occasions; some wear them when they want to be formal, and some on a daily basis, with exceptions such as when doing sports. Yes, they are called shoes and can be very expensive even though they serve you just for walking and cannot make coffee or pancakes or anything else than just help you to be more comfortable when you walk. They can maximize or minimize your number on the scale of well-dressed persons.

The most expensive shoe brands are those for women, what a shocker! Surely no one could have guessed it. First place is held by Jimmy Choo. This is one of the most in-demand shoe brands worldwide. Cate Blanchett, Hillary Swank and Halle Berry are only some of the stars who have worn a pair to the Academy Awards, and they were all winners, just like the shoe. The brand was launched in the 80s in London. So if you need cool shoes for a special event desperately, and money is no concern, then Jimmy Choo is your safest bet for a great choice.

The second place among most expensive shoe brands for women is held by Christian Louboutin with pairs reaching $2,395 (Maralena Flame Sandals). The shoes made by this expensive brand are recognizable in an instant by a bright red sole which has turned into its signature.

Manolo Blahnik holds the third position on the list of most expensive shoe brands. These shoes represent a classic style. The main character from “Sex and the City”, Carrie Bradshaw would have risked her life over a pair of Manolo shoes. In the 1970s, the popular designs were boots and chunky platform shoes, but Blahnik could not care less about the trend and instead concentrated his attention on creating the stiletto heel.

New & Lingwood is a brand of shoes which offers the best kind of styles and designs for men shoes. The New & Lingwood brand was established in 1865 and as it is reported in Forbes, the leather they are made of is “cured in baths of rye, oat flour and yeast, hand-finished and soaked in wood liquor”. The Russian Calf Shoes from this brand is in fact one of the most expensive pair of shoes in the world.

Most men look really great when wearing a pair of shiny shoes. However, it is said that not all shoes can really be as shiny as this Rapieces Reprises style Berluti shoes. That is why these shoes are considered the second most expensive pair of shoes for men, costing $1,830. They are actually the most expensive shoes in the world. Only men who can spend at least $1,830 for just a pair of shoes have the possibility to wear it.

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