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Fairy Makeup

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Makeup

Halloween is getting closer and you may be in search of the perfect Halloween costume, if you have not already found one. If you need some inspiration, visit greathalloweencostume.com. Nevertheless, if you are still undecided, we would like to recommend the fairy costume. It is very easy to create: all you need are some wings and some decent makeup skills. However, it is Halloween after all, so who wants to be a good fairy? Well hopefully, nobody. Because that is the point of Halloween, dressing up as something scary and go trick or treating. While there is nothing wrong with a sweet fairy costume, would it not be more fun dress as a bad fairy for Halloween? With this kind of results, it is really hard to choose between a good fairy and a “twisted fairy” makeup.

You can find the steps of the twisted fairy makeup below so that you can try it yourself at home. It is not that hard. The makeup focuses on the distressed purple eye and the pale-looking skin to produce the twisted effect that fits Halloween so well.

  1. We recommend you apply a pale foundation, after you have applied your daily moisturizer. Instead of the white makeup which can give you a cake-look. Therefore, you should apply a foundation with a couple of shades lighter than usual.

  2. Choose a Fuchsia shade for the eyelids which needs to be applied over the brows, too, and beyond the eyes.

  3. Then apply a Cornflower Blue shade just under the lower lash line. After that a darker shade on the eyelids and around the lash line. Use a white pencil eyeliner to line the rim lower rim of your eyes for a bright look and to make your eyes seem larger.

  4. Apply highly pigmented purple gel eyeliner with a brush that you previously messed up in order to create the purple spots around the eyes and give them a more organic look. Any old brush you no longer need can be used for this. Then blend white powder around the edges of the face and down the neck using a blush brush.

  5. Your lips need to be concealed, giving them an pale-look.

  6. Finally, to complete the twisted fairy makeup you need to apply a generous coat of mascara and then put a pair of fake eye lashes on your both bottom and upper lashes for a more intense effect.

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