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Fashion Events

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion

The most important fashion events in the world are: New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week.

New York Fashion Week is held biannually, each year in the months of February and September and generally lasts between 7 and 9 days. It is an event where international fashion collections are presented to the press, potential buyers, and to the general public. New York Fashion Week, one of the four main fashion events, is the first event of this type to be organized ever, being held for the first time in 1943. Mark Jacobs and Calvin Klein are just two of the famous signature collections from the New York Fashion Week catwalk. Gothic clothing or oversized tutu skirts, high heels or, on the contrary, low heel, black and white creations or dresses in neon colors, they all have seamlessly integrated into the show of an unforgettable evening for fashion lovers.

London Fashion Week is another of the four most important fashion events in the world, along with those in New York, Paris and Milan. The event takes place, biannually, in February (for Fall/Winter season trends) and in September (for Spring/Summer trends).

The parade of the most famous British top model and the presentation of the new collection signed by Vivienne Westwood were the peak moments of the London Fashion Week. The clothing line proposed by Vivienne Westwood for the Spring/Summer season 2014 was made of materials with youthful prints, while the color palette included shades of crimson and green. There were also used the colors gray and black. The oversized belts and environmental messages imprinted on clothing items completed the collection of which the critics said that it totally represents the fashion designer.

After New York and London, Fashion Week moved to Milan. Gucci, John Richmond and Alberta Ferretti are the top designers who have competed on the highest Italian podiums. One of the designers who have shown their collections was Armani, who, naturally, could not miss an event like Milan Fashion Week. The famous fashion house presented its proposals for the Spring/Summer season 2014 and the long expected fashion collection did not disappoint; it even came with a big surprise.

Besides the fluid, transparent materials, in pastel colors, blue and pink, the most powerful Italian designer Giorgio Armani, who next year will celebrate the venerable age of 80, sent a few models on the catwalk with hats that seemed to emerge from science fiction movies.

The most famous fashion houses presented their collections of haute couture in September this year at the Paris Fashion Week, one of the main international fashion events. The start of the show was given by the Versace house, which opened with the parade of the famous Naomi Campbell, who agreed to step once more on the catwalk at the age of 43. The models paraded in sophisticated dresses made of  expensive materials combining shimmering parts, leather and transparent fabrics, in shades of black, brown and silver.


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