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Fashion rules you should never break

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion


As a woman, fashion is probably one of your passions, and adding new elements to your wardrobe with regularity is something that you might be doing. However, if you love fashion that does not mean you might actually excel in this department, so informing yourself from time to time regarding the latest trends and who you can harmoniously combine your clothing elements can make a great indifference in your appearance. When it comes to fashion, there are a few classic rules that you should never break, ones that will allow you to impress with your taste and style, regardless if you are attending an important social event or you are just having Sunday brunch with your friends. So if you want to know what these rules are, keep reading:

Quality comes first

Instead of purchasing 10 blouses at a cheap price, for example, but designed out of a poor-quality material and in a negligent way, better invest in a single piece of clothing, but one that excels in the quality department. Regardless of how chic a clothing item might seem from afar, lack of quality will be easily noticed, and will always leave a bad impression on those you interact with. Moreover, considering how developed today’s clothing industry has become, you can easily find fancy dress shops that sell qualitative clothes at prices you can actually afford, simply search for the right options.

Ensure a proper fit

You could be wearing a what is usually jaw-dropping, Armani gown at a glamourous event, but if the dress does not fit you properly, you will not be impressing with your choice of outfit, but on the contrary, draw negative attention to yourself. Regardless of what you choose to put on, from jeans, to shirts and skirts, choosing the proper size and making sure it fits you perfectly is one fashion rule you should never overlook. Clothes should, of course, be cute and stylish, but they should most of all be flattering for your body shape and size. When you are shopping online, make sure to always check the size chart before ordering, just to avoid making any mistakes in this department.

Don’t overlook comfort

If you are feeling unformattable wearing a clothing item, people will easily be able to tell. Perhaps you are wearing heels that are higher than you are used to, and you start walking in a strange way, or your skirt is too tight and you keep pulling it down – when you are wearing uncomfortable outfits, you will not be able to feel fashionable, or the most stylish version of yourself, so as much as you might love a clothing item or a pair of shoes, if they don’t feel right, just go another way.

If you want to always impress with your impeccable fashion style, knowing a few ground rules is essential. Although you have increased versatility when it comes to putting outfits together, there are some things that remain generally important to pay attention to, and they could prevent you from becoming a fashion disaster. If you keep in mind the above emotion information, you can safely walk out the door knowing you are dressed in the perfect manner.