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Fashion trends you should keep an eye on in 2018

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion


If you are a true fashion lover, then you should definitely read this article and see what’s up with the trends people expect in 2018. You are probably tired of the fashion trends that don’t last longer than a few months. Well, 2018 is all about bringing simplicity back. Most fashion houses started to promote classic clothes that everyone was so eager to welcome back into their lives. This article is going to list a series of classic trends that seem to come back on the runways. You should keep an eye on these trends:


People totally forgot about embroidery, but now it’s everywhere: embroidered workwear, embroidered dresses, embroidered jeans and so many more options. Adding embroidery to a plain item transforms it completely, making it fashionable for this year. Even though some designers consider embroidery a thing of the past, it slowly but steady comes back to light. See the newest collections in your favorite magazines and you’ll surely notice some items that have embroidery on them.

Leather is back in the game

You thought people forgot about leather? No way. Leather jackets are now the focal point of fashion. Celebrities started to combine them in the most various ways – leather jackets and vaporous dresses, leather jackets and heels and the possibilities don’t end here. The secret to wear a leather jacket in a fashionable way is to accept the diverse combinations that fashion houses promote. See the latest collection at Dolce Gabbana and the way they included lather into outfits. You’ll surely love this year’s runways.

Trench coats are cool again

Remember when Sherlock Holmes style was still a thing? It’s back again. Trench coats are now redesigned by big brands and fashion lovers can’t wait to include them into their outfits. The only difference that you may notice is that trench coats are not the same as you remember them. Fashion houses designed classic trench coats with a twist. Fabrics such as leather or latex are now in the game. See the leather trench coat collection that Frame launched this year.

Get that sheath dress out of the closet

Fitted, straight cut dresses were out of discussion during 2017, until celebrities made them popular again. As mentioned before, simplicity and classic pieces slowly come back to.  Sheath dresses were a trend in the 1960s, but they just made a reappearance. Dior made their message pretty clear when using a sheath dress as the statement element in their current collection.

Printed T-shirts? Hell yeah

2017 was all about plain T-shirts in nude color shades. 2018 just changed the game by promoting various prints. Printed T-shirts are now playing a huge role in the fashion industry. They bring a touch of youth in any outfit and fashion designers are currently taking advantage of this. You should check out the latest collections at Chanel, a brand that probably won’t get rid of printed T-shirts any sooner.