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Fashionable shoes for kids – things to consider

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Shoes

When kids are too small for deciding which shoes or clothes they should wear, parents are the ones responsible with these decisions. According to them, this activity can be somehow stressful, due to the fact that they want the best for their children. And the most difficult part is the one which is related to shoes. But, if you are a parent and you want to buy the proper pair of shoes for your child, you should take into consideration some important pieces of advice that we would like to offer.

Follow the trends, but keep it original!


It sounds complicated, right? Yes, but you can do both. The first important step is to read the fashion articles from online and offline magazines and then decide which types of shoes are suitable for your child. And if you are looking for inspiration, try to look for kids shoes at Spartoo, an online shop that would definitely make you fall in love with the items that it provides.


When it comes to originality, you should try to think of combining colours in a creative way. Moreover, teach your kid to match his or hers shoes with the rest of the outfit, in order to be regarded as a person with good taste.

Listen to your children’s opinion!


If they are not too small to express their thoughts, you should ask them about their preferences regarding colours and shoe models. Maybe your children may have some good ideas when you are running out of inspiration.

Forget about clichés!


If your children have some role models from their favourite TV shows, you will see that they will be tempted to ask you buying the exact pair of shoes that the celebrities wear. But you do not have to do so. If the shoes are not indicated for them, try to explain the situation and replace the shoes with something more special.


Also, try to get rid of clichés when it comes to colours. There is no rule which says that boys should wear blue and girls should wear pink or red. Moreover, there are parents who choose a larger size for their kids’ shoes because they claim that children grow up so easily. But this is not indicated. Try to keep the right dimensions.

Maybe is too early for high heels!


If you have a girl and she tells you that she would like to wear high heel shoes, try to explain her that she will have plenty of time for doing that, when she becomes a teenager. Of course, she may insist, but you should find some models which are attractive enough as to make her forget about heels. Maybe some good suggestions are the platform shoes. But be careful, because the wrong pair of shoes can affect your child’s health!

Invest in quality!


Before making an acquisition, you should think about the material which is used for creating the shoes. If it is not qualitative enough, avoid buying the pair. Furthermore, when you decide doing online shopping, you should carefully read the descriptions of the products.