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First time wearing a saree? Here are some sneaky tips

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion


Saree is an Indian fashion icon, this is for sure. Everyone has seen at least once a quick scene of one of those Bollywood movies, with people wearing traditional clothes and dancing vividly. If you are in love with the Indian culture, you must have a saree in your wardrobe and online stores such as perbodh-nath-agarwal.com are the best place to start your research. If you are a first-time saree-wearer, you should also take a look at these sneaky, useful tips below on how to wear it right.

Ensure it is pinned right

A saree cannot be worn without pins, this is obvious. However, if you do not pin it right, the saree may loosen and trip over, which may put you in an uncomfortable situation. It is essential you ensure it is pinned right. Experts advise to use as many pins as you like, especially on those parts that are prone to get loosen easier, such as the pallu and the pleats. It may take some time until you become an expert in pinning the saree the right way, but this cannot be achieved without any practice and patience.

Ensure the fabric is lightweight

When buying a saree, the first thing you have to check is the material and fabric it is made of. It is recommended to go for something lightweight, because otherwise you will have to carry off that weight and to be fair, it is not easy at all. Cotton, chiffon or georgette are only some examples of fabrics you can select for your saree. Besides that they are lightweight, they are also easy to pleat and will immediately take the form of your body, without making you look rigid or stiff wearing it.

Watch your footwear and accessories!

Fashion experts are of the opinion that saree-wearers should opt for footwear that is as comfortable as possible, such as flats or a pair of sandals with minimal or no heels. This way, they avoid all that falling and tripping on rough surfaces, which usually happens due to improper footwear. Those who still want to wear heels with sarees should opt for wedges, because these ones will help them stay comfortable while being taller. As far as accessories are concerned, it is best to keep them as simple as possible. Spiky accessories are definitely to be avoided when wearing sarees, because they may get stuck to the pleats or pallu.

The lingerie

Fashion experts believe that a saree is incomplete without the right lingerie. It is essential you select your bra carefully and to ensure it perfectly fits you, because this way it will give your blouse a much better structure and shape. Thongs should also be avoided and replaced instead with a pair of comfortable panties.

Pre-pleating – the secret to an astonishing look

This is probably the best tip experts in this field could give. There are chances that the first pleat of your saree is not aligning right with the second one, especially when you wear it for the first time. The best way to avoid this from happening is to measure your waist and to mark the spot of the pleat.