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Friendship Bracelets Patterns

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Jewelry

Bracelets – they are, after all, only some knots, but they are also some knots that fill your life with color and that create a special bond between friends – and who said that is not important? 

Friendship bracelets are an ancient art form, they represent the symbol of friendship, as their very name suggests. The first friendship bracelets were made by the Mayan peoples, their occurrence is in particular related to the Amerindian peoples. Making these bracelets is not difficult (though, it mostly depends on the friendship bracelets patterns), moreover, it is a very relaxing activity that helps you detach from everyday problems, to put your creativity and imagination to the test and improve your ability to focus.

Friendship bracelets are handmade gifts that are inexpensive and that can be offered as a gift on any occasion. Friendship bracelets are basically made by following the template type of patterns, which connect colored thread or arras thread knots.

Friendship bracelets are a great way to introduce children, adolescents, and adults to the art of weaving. These bracelets represent beautiful, multicolored jewelries and may have many forms. Some friendship bracelets patterns are very ​​simple to design and they are ready in just a few minutes. There are also complex patterns that require more skill and knowledge regarding the creation of the knots. Complex friendship bracelets patterns require much more concentration and for beginners it is recommended to use threads of different colors, so they do not get entangled when they are knotted.

There are 4 main types of knots that are fundamental in order to create friendship bracelets: the forward knot (fk), the backward knot (bk), the forward backward knot (fbk), and the backward forward knot (bfk). You will need to learn these knots and master them well in order to create the friendship bracelets patterns you want. The basic knot used in friendship bracelets is the hitch. It can be tied to the left or to the right on top of another string. The image below shows you how to do the knot in the different directions. The four basic friendship bracelet knots use double hitches in various combinations.

One of the easiest to make friendship bracelets patterns is named “the candy stripe”. The Chevron weave is also a very simple pattern and most people start with this. Other types of friendship bracelets patterns are: the heart pattern, name pattern (which is a very personal pattern to make for a dear friend), the broken ladder pattern (which seems to be more complicated, but in fact it is not), the leave pattern.

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