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Hippie Hairstyles

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Hairstyle

Retro hairstyles have made a spectacular comeback this year, and one of the most remembered times of the most glorious past hair trends is, of course, the hippie era. The “60s offered us stylish hairstyles and creative hairstyles, as well, in accordance with the social context of the times. Many of the 60s hairstyles have transformed from volume exaggerated hairstyles specific to the ‘50s, in simple and natural popular hairstyles in the hippie era. A lot of the teen fashion tips blogs recommend these hairstyles these year, yet they can also be worn by more mature women.

One such example of hippie hairstyles is the beehive bun, something particularly beloved among women, which lost its popularity at the same time with the end of the hippie era and the “flower power” feeling that took shape in 1969.

These hairstyles attracted the young through the hippie lifestyle propagated by the activism specific to the period in question, which is why hippie hairstyles have kept as descriptive note a sense of inner freedom, of the carefree life and free of the constraints of society. And as the sweetest taste is the taste of freedom, hippie hairstyles will never lose the loyal followers of these hairstyles trends. Some of the most beautiful and easy to make hippie hairstyles are:

Hippie braided hairstyles

Braids are very chic and feminine, perfectly fitting in casual hippie hairstyle. The trends of 2013 recommend you to get inspired from ancient manner of tying your strands manner as a wreath or to braid a strand of from the front part of the hair, and then to catch the side. If you chose to wear hairstyles with bangs, this version is one of the most striking changes that you can easily make to your hairstyle.

Accessory of the 70s

Another option reminiscent of the hippie style is wearing a colored hair accessory in your hair, be it a scarf, flower or feather. Choose a hair accessory in bright colors and wear them in the form of wreaths or laterally attached to long strands of hair. Speaking of bright colors, hair colors online casino are also an important characteristic of a hippie hairstyle. Usually, sun kissed highlights go great with braided hippie hairstyles and so do dip dye hair color ideas. If you want to discover more hair coloring ideas that could complement a hippie hairstyle, visit www.haircolorplans.com. On this website, you will also learn how to match your hair color with your skin tone.

Hippie hairstyles – headband

When it comes to teen fashion tips, hair accessories such as hair bands are strongly recommended because they have a strong youthful vibe. Undoubtedly, hair bands offer hippie hairstyles that “modern twist”, easy to wear with any outfit. Regardless of the width and the preferred print, these hair accessories will carry the sweet devoted hippie style – on the forehead. Feel free during the holidays and do not forget to take to the sea a few of these suggestions with you.  Hippie hairstyles are the next logical step drawn in terms of hairstyles, this style summing up the main trends of 2013 – braids, headband and path on the center of your hair.

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