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How to reinvent your look using ribbons

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion

Reinventing your look is a great challenge even if you are a fashion lover. But you will succeed if you will use your own imagination in order to create a spectacular style. It is very important to understand that you don’t have to spend a fortune on some expensive clothes and sophisticated accessories. On the contrary, you can use your old clothes and make them look different, but spectacular. It is recommended to look for some wholesale ribbons UK because they will help you add more style to your old clothes or even shoes. Don’t worry because you don’t have to do something extremely complicated and you don’t have to read some books in order to do that. You will see that everything will be very easy and you will achieve a fancy style. Pay attention to the following lines because they will inspire you a lot.

Sweet and elegant sweater

It is not difficult at all to create something elegant only using a beautiful ribbon because this type of item can transform any boring cloth into a gorgeous one. For example, you can reinvent one of your old sweaters because you will only need to use a long roll of polyester ribbon. It is better to choose a white or black sweater because it will highlight the area with the ribbon. Try to combine a neuter colour with a very powerful one like red or maybe golden because the contrast will be fascinating. You just need to integrate the ribbon between the mesh, but try to be very careful because everything must look symmetric. You can introduce the ribbon on the sleeves or you can be more mysterious if you will place it on the back. Everything depends on your taste, so do everything exactly as you like because you will feel perfect.

Ribbons on your shoes

You can add more style to your shoes if you will use some simple ribbons. You will finish everything in just a few minutes because you only need to use a pair of ballerinas and transform them into some elegant shoes. You can wear them with many types of outfits because they are versatile and comfortable. You should know that many popular brands are selling this type of shoes because they look amazing. But you don’t have to buy those expensive shoes considering the fact that you can create them in just a few minutes.