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How to use ribbon to upgrade your fashion game

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion

So you have decided that it’s time to make a change in your fashion game, and adopt a style that is perhaps a bit more appealing. Although your options in terms of outfits are quite extensive ones, considering how many clothing stores are now on the market, if you want to do things a bit differently, you should consider adding accessories that can be characterized as unique. One great option of element that can upgrade your sense of fashion in an unconventional and compelling way is ribbon, and here are a few examples how:

Unconventional clothing patterns

If you have some basic sewing skills, you can play around with ribbon in fun ways. Create interesting patterns on the clothing items of your choice by sewing small pieces of ribbon onto them. From geometrical arrangements to abstract shapes, you can let your creativity running and use curling ribbon to come up with unique clothing upgrades.

Ribbon collar

A ribbon collar can be added to either shirts or dresses, and will take the outfit into a more aesthetically appealing zone. Let’s say you put on a white, flowy shirt on, combined with a pair of black pants. A collared styled from a thick piece of soft pink ribbon will give your overall look a more warm, eye-catching effect.

A romantic touch to a little black dress

If you want to give a little black dress a special twist, you can rely on ribbon to achieve the look improvement desired. The simplest way to add a romantic touch is simply using a strap of polka dot, grosgrain ribbon as a waist band, and creating a big bow at the back of the dress. This requires no skills, and the effect obtained will certainly be one that will please you. You can also sew small pieces of colourful ribbon at the end of your sleeves, to make the black dress less formal and dull.

Although you might not normally think about using ribbon as a fashion accessory, now that you know about a few amazing ways to incorporate this type of item in your outfits, you might give a couple of them a try. Being unconventional with your choices, and adding that element of surprise is the only way to keep your style in check and always stand out with your unique taste. So simply try out these options, and you will certainly love the outcomes.