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How to Wear the Chic Biker Style

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion

The biker style has had a huge influence in the trends of the last couple of decades. We all have a rebel side that we would like to express, and if riding a motorcycle is not an option for everybody, fashion can always help you express your wilder side. In what follows, we will discuss a few simple ways in which you can rock a biker outfit, without going overboard. You don’t want to overdo things, especially if you aren’t an actual biker. The purpose is to have a rebel vibe, without looking as if you are wearing a costume.

Main elements of the biker style

  • The biker jacket is the main element that defines this style, and it is also a classic piece that all women should have in their wardrobes. If you are not a master of the biker style, choose a basic black leather jacket with a lower belt. Stay away from studs and spikes, as they are harder to combine. In warmer weather, you can also make do with a leather motorcycle vest.
  • The black boots- despite the fact that they don’t belong exclusively to the biker style, they do integrate very well in a biker outfit, especially if you choose a flat pair of boots, preferably with some buckles. You can also go for heels, if you want to achieve a more seductive look.
  • Tight tops- If the leather jacket and the black boots work for both men and women, the tight tops are solely for women. Whether you are going for a tank top or a sleeved top, choose a tight, fitted model.
  • All black- while it is not necessary to have an all black outfit in order to achieve a biker outfit, an all black ensemble with a leather jacket does have a very biker vibe. So basically, any other black piece of clothing can easily be integrated in a biker outfit, even if it doesn’t have a rebel vibe of its own.

Outfit ideas

All leather with gold accessories

This look is very simple to achieve, it is very sexy, and there aren’t many ways in which you can go wrong with it. Leather pants, leather booths and a biker jacket or a leather motorcycle vest are the main elements of this outfit. Combine with opulent golf accessories that feature chains, studs or spikes.

Casual with a twist

For this outfit you need a pair of black skinny pants, a leather jacket and a pair of flat boots. At first sight, it looks like a very casual outfit, but if you wear a cropped leather top underneath, you will add a cool, twist to the overall ensemble.

Rock it up

Rock elements also integrate very well the biker style. So, if you happen to have some tops or t-shirt with rock prints, feel free to integrate them in your outfit. However, when it comes to combining the rock style with the biker style, it is easy to overdo it, so temper your outfit with a basic pair of jeans.

Biker inspired

If you are afraid to explore this style all the way, you can choose an outfit that is only slightly inspired by the biker movement. All you need is an all black outfit, that you can complete with a leather motorcycle vest. We simply love Gigi Hadid in this outfit, which is very basic, yet somehow very sophisticated.