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Kim Kardashian Fashion

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion

Although it is not very easy to dress when you have such body shape, Kim Kardashian manages to find suitable outfits in her advantage. In her wardrobe, we find a lot of black clothing items, as expected, but Kim does not avoid strong colors, white or nude. She always wears heels and dresses that follow her body line.

Kim Kardashian is 30 years old and is a true “California Girl”, always wearing an outfit that draws attention. The beautiful brunette is much appreciated for her voluptuous body, as well, because she does not conceal her generous shape under large dresses and because she takes into account the fashion trends.

We have encompassed below some of the most worn Kim Kardashian fashion outfits that you may find inspiring.

A Kim Kardashian fashion idea for a business meeting would be to choose a simple, short, black dress, a white jacket that confers you a business look, a classic handbag and fashion nude shoes that, although they have a lot of straps and “climb” up the ankle, do not optically shorten your legs. You should wear simple accessories and focus on the eye makeup.

At a press event, Kim left everyone speechless. She donned a white molded dress with metallic accessories whose details make her seem thinner. She gave up wearing jewelry, a sophisticated hairstyle or closed shoes.

For a walk with her friends in the city, Kim chose a black dress made of a special fabric, which although large, complimented her. Same goes for the animal-print boots who lengthen her legs. Perhaps it is not an A choice, but clearly it is a very comfortable one.

A dress with horizontal stripes … makes you seem fat. However, our star does not avoid these type of stripes. This Kim Kardashian fashion choice consists of a black and beige dress that although it seems transparent, it is actually not. The jacket is in trend and the simple shoes with platform are very sexy. Obviously, Kim does not need any heavy accessories that would unnecessarily burden the outfit.

For a party, an inspired Kim Kardashian fashion choice is a mini black dress, made of a fabric that fits nicely your body, without highlighting your small flaws. A pair of animal-print shoes and a nice makeup completes the outfit. Another dress in the same style is perfect for going to a bar with your friends. You can wear a beige dress with well-dosed colored accents to make you seem thinner. Nude shoes with heels and earrings “lengthen” your shape, giving the impression that it you are thinner than you really are.

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