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Long Haircuts with Bangs

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Hairstyle

It is official: long hair with bangs is back in trends this year! So, it does not matter if your hair is curly, straight or somewhere in between like wavy, we bet there is a fringe that will falter your face features and bring out the best in them!

We have gathered a collection of photos of celebrities who have adopted bang haircuts and look extremely nice with them. You will definitely find among them one haircut that will complement your face, as well. Taylor Swift is a fan of bangs for a long time. Her oval face is perfectly framed by the blunt, straight bangs she sports. Although a style like this one needs trimming once every two weeks, Taylor proves that the upkeep is totally worth it. If you are considering this style, you should also invest in a good flat iron in order to keep the bangs under control. There are countless flat irons on the market but you will definitely find a quality styling tool, suitable for your hair type.

Kim Kardashian adopted full bangs and she looks extremely nice with this hairstyle. If you also want to get this haircut, you need to ask your stylist to start cutting closer to the top of the head, in a pie section. Thus, the bangs will be wide and full, with a soft layer that surrounds the edges, emphasizing the cheekbones in the most flattering way. If you like wearing long haircuts and would like a change without shortening them, cutting some bangs is a great idea, but first you must find out if you have the right face shape for this; in theory, those with large foreheads can definitely use them for contouring, but very narrow foreheads can be hidden too, with deeper cut bangs that start at the crown of your head.

Another celebrity who adopted these types of haircuts with bangs is Michelle Obama; obviously, everybody heard about her new hairstyle. We just love the way in which her bangs fall at the level of the eyelashes and continue past her cheekbones, offering her look a modern, yet refined effect. The rounded sides of the haircut flatter her face by revealing her gorgeous smile.

The singers of Destiny’s Child have walked a long way in terms of beauty looks, and we cannot help but stop and stare for a while at Kelly Rowland’s extremely long locks, compared to the short pixie haircut she adopted in the past. Who ever imagined her with long locks? She cut her hair with a thick fringe that stops exactly before her cheekbones. This type of haircut looks amazing on those who happen to be the owners of an oblong face because it hides a lot of the length of the face in order to create a balance. Moreover, it can be used to create amazing half up half down prom hairstyles, either with braids or without, but many other elegant hairstyles as well.

We would smile to if we had Justin Timberlake at our side, but for now it is enough for us to see Jessica Biel sporting this adorable haircut. The stylist advice is to cut your fringe while it is dry. By doing so, you will be able to know exactly the length of your fringe after you blow-dry it.

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