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Making your outfits pop by using ribbon insertions

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion

Making a fashion statement requires originality and imagination. However, some women believe that it is necessary to spend a great amount of money in order to keep their outfits fresh and stylish, but the reality is different. You can have various exclusive looks just by adding some unique accessories to your outfits, one example being decorative ribbon. You must be wondering how you can manage to insert this element in your looks. Well, here are just a few ideas you can use as inspiration:

Pink ribbon waistband for a little black dress

The little black dress is the ultimate classic, but sometimes you probably want to give this clothing item a more personalised touch. Well, you can achieve that by using a strap of bright pink ribbon as a waistband. You will still have the elegance that this dress offers, but with an interesting twist.

Ribbon bow for a white blouse

Even for a more formal attire, you can still add a girly vibe by playing around with ribbon. A black pencil dress with a white silk blouse is the perfect combo for an office look, but you can give your outfit a touch of colour and sophistication by tying a ribbon bow around the collar of the shirt. If you match the element with your shoes, then the overall look will look even more stunning.

White t-shirt with ribbon accents

One last idea to use would be accessorizing a plain white t-shirt with some colourful straps a ribbon. For this outfit combination you will need to use your sewing skills. Cut small pieces of ribbons, preferably of two or three colours, and start sewing them on an oversize white tee, creating a geometrical pattern. You can wear this clothing item with jeans or a skirt and a leather jacket, and your look will be on point. You will love the effect created.

If you are fashion enthusiast and have a bit of creativity when it comes to style, you will love using some ribbon insertions in your outfits. Even the dullest look can become more eye-catching if you add some unique accessories, even unconventional ones such as decorative ribbon. So, you can give these ideas a try, and you will certainly love the results. Keep in mind that the ribbon you use should be of top quality and should have a cute pattern, so look online for offers and purchase the right supplies before beginning with your fashion projects.