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Manifest your gratitude with an award bow

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion

The ribbon is a timeless decorative piece and while most people use them in order to create accessories and to decorate the interior of their home, the fact is that sashes are pieces of material that can be adapted to any purpose and the embellishing ornament is frequently used as a means to express not only our personality, but our feelings as well. You have the chance of seeing award bows almost every day and see the impression that they make on the person who receives them. Thus, if you are planning to manifest your appreciation today, this is what you need to know.

What does it stand for?

The award ribbon is traditionally used in order to point out someone’s personal achievement. It really does not matter if the accomplishment has been realized in domains such as sports, business; basically any field where the subject has made himself remarked as a result of the activity that he has carries out. In addition to this, offering someone an award ribbon does not have to be done in a formal context. For instance, if you desire to manifest gratitude towards your mother, you are free to do so by offering her a celebration rosette. Celebration rosettes are frequently used in order to celebrate important moments such as birthdays and Christmas or Easter.

What kind of ribbons is used?

Generally speaking, an award ribbon can either come in the shape of a flat piece of material or you can find on the market more complex designs such as rosettes. Rosettes are fancier due to the fact that the ribbon is either pleated or gathered in order to imitate the shape of a rose. They are much more appealing owing to the fact that in the manufacturing process materials such as satin, velvet, sheer and satin are frequently used due to the specific texture and appearance. Whether the rosette is glued or not and whether the piece of material is small or big, the important thing is that it can allow the user to correctly imprint the information on the material. Besides name and sponsoring organization, many include special motifs and logos.

Get started

The base of the award ribbon is represented by a strand of 3 inches that you have to cut from the roll. The piece has to be cut in 4 pieces, each of equal dimensions and after that you will have to get the tops and bind them together in a group. This is done best with the use of a hot glue gun that will allow you to hold them down on the circle. In addition to this, the tops should not by any means overlap. After this task has been performed, you should cut another round piece of material and let it all dry. With a pair of scissors trim the edges in order to make them equal. While this is not as sophisticated as the commercial rosettes, they will work just fine.

To conclude, make a personalized award ribbon and give it to someone special. The effort you have put in making it will certainly be appreciated and the award will be that more meaningful.