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Megan Fox Hairstyles

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Hairstyle

Megan Fox is one of the most famous celebrities in Hollywood. Her fame was brought by the movie “The Transformers”. She is also quite famous for her beautiful black and long hair. Megan Fox hairstyles are not really that different. She tends to prefer long and dark locks, especially layered hairstyles with bangs. This look accentuates her beautiful features. Moreover, these types of hairstyles can help you soften your overall appearance, particularly if you are the possessor of a face with strong and sharp features. It is not the case of Megan Fox, as she has an oval-shaped face, which is considered to be the perfect face shape and is known to be well-suited by mostly any type of haircut.

It is always recommendable to consult a hair stylist before getting a new hairstyle, but in the meantime you may want to check some Megan Fox hairstyles in the magazines or on different websites to inspire you a little before deciding to opt for a new hairstyle. It might even change your mind about cutting your hair too short. For special events, one of the Megan Fox hairstyles recommended is a pinned pony tail. She opted for this classy look with no strand of hair flicking out of place, offering her a chic and opulent look.

Megan Fox doesn’t really like to experiment with various hair color ideas for long hair. However, she does know how to rock her dark hair. Another one of the remarkable Megan Fox hairstyles is the Victorian hair. Even if she did not win an Oscar, she was definitely the winner when it comes to this type of hairstyle, and actually the entire look altogether. At the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival premiere of “Jennifer’s Body”  she wore a lace top translucent gown and completed her retro-style outfit with one side soft glossy curls falling on her lovely face and the other side pulled back.

At the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards in 2009, Megan Fox opted for a a high, tight bun, which is actually one of the easiest Megan Fox hairstyles. The trick is to emphasize it with radiant skin and matte pink lips. Megan looks ravishing with this hairstyle. In order to obtain the same hairstyle you need to pull your hair back in a tight and high bun, carefully, without leaving out any strands. You can do that with the help of hairspray. When adopting this hairstyle, the emphasis falls on your face and dress, so dress-up and make sure your face is picture-perfect. This is a perfect hairdo if your face shape is oval. You can also achieve this look with short curly haircuts, but you have to make sure the curls are the right size.

Megan Fox is a classic example of how natural hair can look amazing. And although we’ve never seen her sport any short natural haircuts, you can at least find inspiration for longer hairstyles, knowing with a certainty that she always looks her best and is therefore a great example. Therefore, before you start experimenting with hair color ideas for long hair and uncomplicated hairstyles, you might want to try some of Megan’s hairstyles.

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