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Practical tips on styling an Abaya

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion


Women in Arab culture proved that you can look stunning without revealing too much. Or even without revealing nothing. Their specific cloaks look beautifully and keep a decent and modest appearance and even women in western civilisations are drawn towards these amazing pieces. Whether we are talking about open Abayas or even close ones, these are versatile clothing items, easy to style and comfortable to wear. Below you can find a small practical guide on how to style this amazing piece.

1. Pair it with office trousers, for a formal meeting

In a male-dominated world, an outfit inspiring a strong woman weights a lot. For the right impression on your next formal meeting with your colleagues in the branch make sure you impress with your knowledge, negotiation skills and well-documented arguments, not with a generous cleavage. It might be superficial, but most of times this happens. Make sure you put your Abya in the perfect light by pairing it with some well fitted office trousers.  A pair of black high heels, a well-crafted handbag will complement perfectly your outfit.

2. Light coloured jeans and bright heels for a casual brunch

Meeting with your friends for a brunch this weekend? Make sure you leave the perfect impression by pairing a simple black Abya with some fitted jeans and some bright yellow stiletto shoes. This is the perfect outfit for a relaxed spring day, and given the fact that you will be exclusively with some of your closest friends, you’ll have the opportunity to be a little bit nonconformist.

3. Wear a long, close Abya with mamma jeans and a pair of sneakers

For shopping or other numerous encounters, this style might be the go-to alternative for many women. The mamma jeans are still trendy, and given the fact that they come with a high waist, you will also fell quite comfortable wearing them. Cuff your jeans for a modern appearance, and make sure you consider a comfortable pair of sneakers, preferably a white one, to wear in this amazing combination.

4. Wear it all by itself with a pair of high hills

The Abya by itself is beautiful enough so you don’t need to make extra efforts to style it. Make sure only it is long enough so it doesn’t leave in plain sight any body parts. Make sure you leave the right impression at a date with your husband at the restaurant.