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Properly organising the items in your bag made easy

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion

Have you ever wondered how some women can always keep their purses organised without trouble? If your bag is a mess and you have no idea where to start when it comes to putting everything together, then you should continue reading. Carrying so many objects with you can be tiring considering you will need to stop by and endlessly search for what you need. This is the reason why keeping your purse nice and tidy can save you a lot of time. Here are some tips on how to keep everything you carry in order:

Ditch the unnecessary

Firstly, you will have to create a list with what items are completely paramount to you. Everything else doesn’t have a ticket for your personal bag ride. Getting rid of the clutter weight is essential and right after you complete this task you need to select what’s definitely important to you. Of course, you won’t be able to leave your house without a women’s glasses case to protect your accessories or without your house keys. Besides that, your wallet should always be kept in a special compartment of your purse. If you are a beauty fan, makeup will surely find a place among the items you carry with you at all time. A calendar or a planner are old school but you would be amazed how much of an impact they have when used for keeping your life organized. A small first aid kit is paramount for unpredictable situations and you can’t go shopping without your grocery list. You phone should also have a special place in your purse so it will be easier for you to find it when you need to pick it up. These are just basic items one should carry around, but you can go ahead and add your personal essentials to the list.

Buy a bigger purse

If the situation requires it, buying a purse will be a necessity. Surely, with buying a new purse you should consider buying new shoes, wallet or glasses case too. You can find the latter one in many types of designs at BUTTI. Even though it might seem like an unnecessary thing to do, buying a new bag will save you the trouble of cramming each if your personal things into a tight space. The more available compartments, the more organized your items will be. The investment will be worth it.

Buy a purse organizer

In case nothing works and you still find it difficult to organize your items, buying a purse organizer will be the solution. How does one work? A purse organizer is a smaller, compartmented bag-shaped item that you can place inside of your actual purse which might not have enough pockets. With one of these you can make sure you won’t randomly throw your personal things into a bag with no additional cubbyholes inside. Try it and you won’t regret it later on when everything will remain where you initially placed it.