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Recent trends for females. Follow them if you are a fashion lover

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Jewelry


When it comes to fashion, many women have a true passion for it. Because of this reason, they continuously try to follow the latest trends and innovations in the industry. And let us tell you, the struggle is real. Fashion is circular and what was trendy a few decades ago will certainly come back with slight modifications. The same rule applies when it comes to biker fashion, a trend that is widely embraced by women across the world and that appeared quite some time ago. For instance, it has become mandatory as a true fashion lover to own at least one skull 925 bracelet. Chunky or delicate, all women must own such pieces. However, let’s find out more about the latest trends we can notice in fashion magazines.

The biker trend

Honestly speaking, a biker jacket will always be in trend. As profile magazines claim, the leather biker jacket smashes its competitors, large brand names or not. It offers a masculine air, and styled properly it can also be feminine. For instance, pair a flowy white dress with a pair of black leather boots and a biker jacket. The outfit will be feminine, yet stylish, the black leather jacket will offer a distinct air and the boots will create a great contrast with the delicate dress. Also, add a skull chain for more personality and a little more metal in your life. The general image will be a stunning one, given by the intricate combination between soft and harsh, between black and white and feminine and masculine. Also, you could integrate biker elements in other outfits of yours. Integrate those bracelets and necklaces in whatever clothing combination you prefer and you will also create a stunning effect.

Stripes, stripes, stripes

This trend is borrowed from the beach umbrellas you see on the seaside, and naturally it was adopted by all fashion designers in their creations. Integrate as many stripes as you can in an outfit, not necessarily black and white stripes, turquoise stripes, red ones, yellow stripes, they all seem to be pretty hype this summer. Incorporate them for a very trendy appearance at the beach, or not necessarily.  Play with them and you’ll be just fine.

Yellow, in all of its shades

If you are thinking that you simply cannot pull off the colour, think again. All its shades are in right now and you have plenty to choose from.  Light shades, dark ones, mustards, and so on, they are all in right now. Find out which shade suits you better and abuse it until the summer passes.

These are three of the most fashionable trends all fashion lovers must follow this summer. Make sure that you invest in biker accessories, since they are all so easy to incorporate in diverse outfits, as you refer. Also, make sure that you find a trusty retailer, if you want to have high quality products that will last you years.