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Recycled Fashion

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion

he story of the Eco fashion and of the recycled fashion begins in the 1970s, when the variety of models was limited to skirts and dresses that looked like garbage bags, according to BBC Thread, a site dedicated to Eco style. In the 1980s, increasingly more people show their concern for the chemicals used in the materials from which were made clothes, and their effects on the health condition. Then in the 1990s the concern for the inhuman conditions in which workers were working in the factories of the major clothing brands.

From the combination of these two trends, organic products and honest work, was born the “Eco-fashion” and the “recycled fashion” movement, which is embraced by celebrities like Bono, U2 lead singer, who released with his wife an Eco-brand named Edun. Last year, Stella McCartney was named green designer of the year for creations that do not contain toxic substances and do not use leather or fur as materials in their designs.

Nike Company released the Nike Trash Talk basketball shoe made ​​from recycled materials. The new model is created after Steve Nash’s sole American team Phoenix Sun and meets Nike quality standards.
Environmental education implies the acquiring of a certain way of understanding the relationship between humans and environment in which the humans live, which is not only theirs, but it also belongs to plants and animals, and all that is on earth, and the children of the next generations should be aware of and express respect towards the natural environment that we all benefit from and which the future generations will inherit.

Recycling clothes is not as difficult as one might think and there are even simple ways in which we can do this at home. For example, did you know that stretched out clothes could regain their original shape if your steamed them with a garment steamer. Do some research online in order to discover which is the best steamer for clothes so that you no longer have to throw out your favorite t-shirts just because they are a little stretched out. The best steamer for clothes should be able to replace the classic iron and it will allow you to erase wrinkles in a matter of minutes.

The rise of environmentalism has determined creators in every industry to create products made from recycled items and thus creating a new trend, the recycled fashion trend. Fashion designers have especially embraced these new “green” materials. Creative professionals can take advantage of this opportunity by recycling trash and other wastes and turn them into functional, fashionable items for retail sale.

U.S., Britain, China and India are examples of countries that have hosted the Eco fashion shows for Spring-Summer 2009. For example, the Eco-Ganik collection, presented in Los Angeles last fall, skirts, blouses, pants, dresses, coveralls and shirts made ​​only from organic and ecological materials or EcoChic Shanghai in January, a luxury Eco fashion show, that was attended by more than 40 designers.
The concept of Eco fashion is much broader than presentations of clothing made ​​from natural fibers grown without pesticides or other toxic substances, or recycled materials, the Eco fashion and the recycled fashion are more than clothes made from organic or recycled materials. It is a concept that defines products created without harming the planet and its inhabitants, and by saving the natural resources used in many articles of clothing.

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