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Ribbon hanks, a creative source of inspiration in fashion

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion

The world of fashion is no stranger to change and evolution, but even in this constantly transforming environment there sometimes is a return to the classics. Perhaps the lack of fresh and new ideas all the time or the need to keep audiences delighted with something they are already familiarized are the reasons why but, no matter what’s the purpose, there is an increasingly growing tendency to find the beauty in some of the most impressive and stunning places and what better example of a perfect and classical source of inspiration than the romantic ribbons? There is no doubt about the fact that ribbon hanks have always been an inspirational source in fashion, maintain a clear presence in catwalk and runway shows around the world for decades. The ribbon represents femininity at its core, the soft and gentile nature of the woman with a flow and movement unlike any other form of material. This has led to a true fascination for ribbons and their sensual movement, which designers could not ignore. In addition to this, there is also a psychological allure towards the use of these gorgeous items as a creative inspiration and it is caused by the fact that bows and hanks of ribbon are somehow associated with the gift giving procedure, a happy and joyful moment for everyone.

There are multiple reasons which have made the world class fashion designers to love this incredible material and to use it throughout their collections. One might think that due to the small nature of the ribbon hanks, which is not very wide regardless how long it may be, the only use for it will be an adorning or embellishing one. This could not be more wrong! Modern day art creators and style inspirations are using ribbons as the main material for their innovative designs. From full length dresses made of nothing but satin ribbons carefully shown together to impressive wedding gowns created out of organza ribbon strips and bows, there is no shortage of stunning results which were born from the dreamy sensation and romantically vibe of this material.


Apart from making dresses and embellishing female attire, the newest trend in town is to utilize stylish and chic bows or ribbon parts in male garments as well. For a fashionable look and a touch of the ultimate modern sophistication, men can opt for a classic suit with contemporary lines and subtle inserts which remind of the satin or velour ribbons used in high class gift wrapping. And the office or elegant look is not the only one which can benefit from the joy of this wonderful inspiration source. Believe it or not, street attire and hood wear for men and sports players often has a more masculine version of the above mentioned inspiration in the form of shredding and cut-outs which look so great that they could make a perfect present wrap if needed. Indeed, the line between the sources of inspiration and their results has become incredibly thin and reversible.