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Sparkly simple presents every woman would like

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Jewelry

When the birthday of a friend is coming, and you have to buy her a present, you might find it difficult, either if you are a man or woman, because you might not know her tastes. Well, in this situation the simplest option would be to opt for a jewellery, because there is no other perfect gift than a simple sparkly accessory. If you know in time that you have to buy her a gift, you have the possibility to contact a company that provides wholesale diamonds London, and see what they have in stock, and what you can purchase for creating a unique set. If you do not have any idea on what accessories you could buy her, you should take a look at the following suggestions.

Diamond rings

Many people have the wrong impression that rings should be offered only for an engagement, but when you know your friend for many years, you can buy her a ring to remember your friendship. You probably know her tastes, and you know what type of rings she likes, but if you want to offer her something special, you should look for a bold ring, which features braided bands, and which is accessorised with small sparkly diamonds. There are different models, you can choose from, and if she does not like this bohemian style, you could opt for a simpler one, which has a simple small band and which features a geometric shape accessorised with a diamond.

Diamond chokers

Chokers are the latest trend when it comes to necklaces, and if you know that your friend likes statement accessories, then you could opt for one which features a diamond hanged on a piece of silk, or other fabric. For a bold look, you can opt for one in a powerful colour, like black, scarlet or deep blue. Also, you can buy her a statement choker, inspired from the ones worn by women in Game of Thrones, which is the moment’s most view TV drama, and every women longs for a Daenerys look alike necklace. If you do not know how this type of necklaces look, then you should know that they feature a massive metallic band, which has two ends, and it is open in the face. At both of the ends if features a shape, which might be accessorised with diamonds, or even some big diamonds might replace them.


If your friend is more the kind of bracelets girl, then you should opt for bracelet, which features a diamond in a girly colour, like red, or pink and attach to it a coin engraved with a quote. In this way, she would wear it every day, and every time she would look at it, it would think of you. In case you consider that a bracelet is not enough, you can pair it with a pair of earrings, which share the same model or you can make a complete set from bracelet, earrings and necklace.