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Sports and fashion – an appealing combination

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion

Fashion has always been one of the most creative domains somebody could think of, and this is why designers have always found inspiration in the most unusual elements. Of course, sport is no exception, and it seems that this field has had a strong influence on fashion, especially in the past years. Taking into consideration that we live in a dynamic world, where comfort and speed have become a priority, this is also reflected in the prêt-à-porter collections of designers all over the world. Street wear seems to be invaded by sports clothing elements, such as basketball jerseys or sweat pants, and this is no longer something unusual. If years ago, these garments could only be seen in the gym or during training classes, nowadays they have moved from having just a practical purpose to being genuine fashion statements.

The influence of athletic garments has evolved in time, depending on the popularity of each sport. The most influential sports have been tennis, football and basketball, and this is mainly due to the fact that they have a huge amount of fans all around the globe. The line between sports and fashion has become blurry, especially in the past years. On the one hand, designers have introduced inspired elements in their collections, making people accept these as their daily outfit parts. In addition to this, those who are daring enough have managed to take the garments even farther, transforming basketball uniforms, for instance, into daily looks or even fashionable dresses for different events. Fashion icons all around the world have managed to promote the relaxed, casual look created with athletic clothes, and women all ages have finally understood that the blurred lines leave room for a lot of interpretation and there are no more stiffed fashion rules. On the other hand, the vice versa is also available, and the influence between these two domains is clearly mutual. As a consequence, there is nothing weird in seeing a tennis player wearing a little black sequined dress as her court equipment. This happened some years ago during one of the most reputable tournaments of the world, when the attire drew the public attention and generated a lot of interest, letting everybody know that fashion is no longer dedicated exclusively to runways.


While players constantly borrow elements from designers’ collections, the latter ones also find court attires very inspiring. Taking into consideration that marketing has evolved and sports and fashion often go hand in hand, there are multiple examples of sportsmen who have launched their own collections and products. Very often, they have managed to create a strong brand and transform their products (sneakers, jerseys or jackets) into key items in everyone’s wardrobe. This was due not only to their notoriety but also to the fact that the products created are versatile and serve multiple purposes: sports garments are not only extremely comfortable, but also healthy for the skin and fashionable. As you can see, creativity has no limit, so you are free to wear whatever matches your personality, regardless the occasion.