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Spotlight Of The Day: Sretsis

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion

The Sretsis design label has always been a topic of conversation in fashion related topics. Their popularity has even caused them notice from famous celebrities like Beyonce, Madonna, Katy Perry and other creative personalities. If you are new to this label, here’s what you should know to keep you up to speed:


The Sretsis fashion label is derived from the word “Sister” spelled backwards, a reflection of the close knit sisterly relations between the Sretsis sisters. Sretsis is established in 2002 by creative director Pim Sukhahuta and her siblings, Kly Sukhahuta and Matina Sukhahuta.

From humble beginnings that started with an apartment filled with customised apparel, Pim Sukhahuta gradually progressed from sewing her own younger sister’s Prom dress and designing/dressing her sisters, into working along side with her siblings in forming the fashion brand Sretsis, with her as the creative director, Kly overseeing marketing-related matters and Matina accompanying Sretsis with her Sretsis Jewelry line.

Passionate, determined and committed, the Sretsis brand has since moved up the fashion industry with press recognition and boutiques vying to get their stocks into their stores worldwide. To this day, Sretsis continues to leave longlasting impressions without compromising on their visions.


Quirky, sweet, rebellious, individualistic, eccentric and charming, Sretsis is the very image of whimsical and delightful fashion. Sretsis’ collections are inspired from events around and captured into fantasy manifested into creations on fabric, almost like an adventurous autobiography. Making use of classic elements and crafted materials, Sretsis offers modern twists and whimsical prints as well as progressive textile development and avant-garde fashion experiments.


Sretsis creations are more often than not, inspired by happenings around the Sretsis sisters on a regular basis. Specialising in taking ideas, themes and concepts, the Sretsis sisters reference and apply their own different twists to the concepts in order to form entirely different pieces with their mischievous wit, elegant perspectives and fresh nature.


Designer Matina Sukhahuta had her start in jewellery design and production by designing collections for their Sretsis runway shows. Since then, she has progressed and created her own line of costume jewellery. You can find some of her words with Sretsis in the form of collections like: Cancer Coin Signet Ring, Leo Coin Signet Ring, Starburst 4Ways Necklace, Jungle Tiger Earrings, Maybelle Pearl Earrings, Loyalty Carnation Pin, Madonna Ring, Lady Cancan Necklace and more!

Dresses and Skirts

Sretsis is also well known for it’s collection of dresses and skirts like: Sugar Cookie Skirt, Savannah Swing Skirt, Hula Lei Skirt, Magic Melody Skirt, Roller Racing Skirt, Raindrop Skirt, Cancan Dance Skirt, Stellar Skirt, Margaret Skirt, Anemone Skirt, Andersen Skirt, Anita Dress, Faylinn Dress, Amorita Dress, Jay Dress, Susannah Back Lacing, Pizzaz Dress, Pirates Tulle, Leo Skirt, Pixie Dress, Anemone Dress, Dahlia Dress,  Andersen Dress, Carnation Overall Dress, Poet Ruffle Dress, Diana Dress, Princess Cancan Dress, and Lady Margaret Dress.
These are just some of the Sretsis Collection addressed that are available in the local Lularock store. To view more of what Sretsis has to offer, you can visit the Lularock website and see their Sretsis collection.

What do you enjoy from the Sretsis collection? How do you pair your outfit? Let us know.