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Stylish ideas for holiday decorations

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion

Christmas is the most promoted holiday of the year, and apart from its religious significance, merchants have speculated it a lot, which is why it has become very popular. During the season, everybody is looking for the best presents and decorations, and the offers on the market are amazingly various. If you are preoccupied about fashion and beauty, you want to have the most original and classy ornaments for your house, which should also reflect your personal style. If you consider the products on the market too mainstream, and you are looking for something more innovative, you should know that using festive Christmas tree ribbon decorations is a late hour trend that not everybody has found out about. Ribbon is a permissive fabric, and you can use it anywhere in your house, not only for the tree: satin will look very elegant on the table setting, while organza, for example, will bring a touch of grace to your presents and furniture.

In addition to this, you can craft some ornaments by yourself, because there are plenty of tutorials available on the internet. Watch some, read some articles about the topic, and you will be amazed by how many things you can do with few objects, but with a lot of imagination. Create a charming atmosphere in your house with a rich candy buffet, a traditional table setting or innovative style for your Christmas tree. It has never been easier to render the holiday spirit with festive handmade ornaments, which will make your days more magical and memorable. Since the Christmas tree is always the central element in winter time, make it look fabulous: create new colour combination (blue with golden, or silver with pink), mix fabrics and textures (glass, ribbon, tinsel, fringes), replace the traditional star with a huge impressive bow or anything you consider suitable to the rest of the decor. If you opt for daring combinations, be careful not to exaggerate and make sure your tree does not look stuffed or kitschy. For those who are more creative, a good idea would be not to have ay restrictions: improvise as much as possible, and do not limit yourself to hanging balls or ribbon only in the tree. Place them around the fireplace (if you have one), windows or even on the chandelier which is illuminating the rooms – not only it will look nice, but it will also bring some colour to your place in the evenings.


In addition to this, dare to bring some colour and light to your house. Give up the conventional combinations, such as golden and red or silver and blue, and try something new: pink, purple or yellow will look surprisingly next to the green Christmas tree. Think out of the box, and use decorations in unusual ways: fill some transparent containers with colourful balls, create a wreath out of ribbon or feathers, and so on. Bring the magic to your home, but do not forget to “mark” all the decorations and details with your personal style.