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The ingredients for a perfect girls’ night out

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion

All girls need to go out together from time to time and leave their men at home, because they have the chance to speak about all those things that would normally bore men, not to mention they can have a ton of fun on their own as well. This is why a girls’ night out is definitely recommended once in a while, as it will bring you closer together with your friends and enable you to make unforgettable memories. To this extent, for this occasion to be truly perfect, this is what you need:

A sexy dress

When you are planning to go out with your girlfriends, you will need to look absolutely amazing and for this you should always have a few dresses lined up to choose from. If you don’t have anything you find suitable for that occasion, you can always visit online stores such as www.bellafashionqueen.co.uk where you can find everything you need, at some of the best rates on the market. Choose a dress that is above the knee, maybe the classic LBD or you can even choose something bolder. The point is that you all need to look amazing in order to consider the night a complete success.

A pair of comfortable heels

Even though heels are a must, if you are planning to dance all night, you will need something comfortable enough to be able have fun when you are dancing and not feel as if your feet are about to fall off. You most certainly have a pair of shoes that you can wear for many hours without making your feet hurt, so choose them, rather than buying something new for this occasion. This is definitely not the time to wear those shoes that you just purchased last week, even though you have been looking forward for an occasion to wear them. Unless you are absolutely sure that you can handle them, it is preferable to wear something comfortable.

A clutch with a shoulder strap

Every woman knows how uncomfortable it can be to have to carry around a large handbag with her while she is in a club. While you still need something to keep your keys, phone and basic makeup products, a small clutch should be more than enough for a night out. In addition, be sure to get one that has a shoulder strap, because you will have a much easier time carrying it around.

Leave your problems at home

Last but not least, perhaps the most important ingredient for a wonderful girls’ night out is to leave all your worries at home. For one evening you don’t have to think about your problems from work or that fight you had with your boyfriend a few days before. Just have fun with your friends, talk to each other and always stay together. A night out with the girls means there will be no leaving with someone else at the end of the evening and that you will take care of each other throughout the evening.