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The Transformation of Anna Faris

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion

Anna Faris is one of the numerous Hollywood comedy actresses that never had too much success, but which managed to create a pretty good career for themselves. Most popular for her wacky and even racy characters in the Scary Movie trilogy, Anna was never considered a sex symbol, but rather just a pretty face. Her characters were always based more on the ridiculous and outrageous, and truth is she is one of the few actresses who can pull off characters in this category.

Even though her roles brought her enough success, Anna Faris is one of the few celebrities to have made an almost complete transformation during the past few years, and most of that is owed to plastic surgery interventions, to which the star admitted herself. There were many rumors about Anna Faris plastic surgery, but the actress dissipated them all by simply admitting to having underwent several types of surgeries in order to enhance her beauty. In some interviews, Faris mentioned having been uncomfortable with her sexuality, which has mostly to do with her small breasts.

Indeed, one of the most visible Anna Faris plastic surgery interventions has to be her breast augmentation, which raised her from an A-cup to a delicate, but sensual B-cup. Looking at photos a few years back and current, there is an obvious difference between her cleavage then and now; but it has to be appreciated that Faris chose a more natural look, and while her enhanced breasts make her look more sensual, they still manage to look quite real. Bigger implants would have given her a fake, plastic look and would have been too exaggerated, so kudos to her for being tempered.

But Faris did go a little bit further than that, and had some facial reconstruction as well; first of all, we can notice effects of Botox injections in her lips, which were unfortunately too thin in the past. Because she opted for a discreet procedure this time as well, Anna Faris plastic surgery also looks appealing here and not too over the top. Finally, although there is no confirmation for these rumors, a comparison of pictures also makes it visible that Anna Faris must have underwent a slight Rhinoplasty, as her nose is more defined, and perhaps some cheek injections as well, to lift and pump them a bit. All in all, we have to admit the actress has managed to make herself look more appealing and sexy, and this was immediately visible in her career as well, as it brought her sexier, more romantic roles in popular films.