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Three ideas for wedding bows

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion

If the big event is quickly arriving, then you need to start getting ready. Some couples choose to leave everything on the last moment and decide not to get too involved until they have to. Sometimes this attitude works like a charm because with a bit of creativity you can organise the best wedding party in these conditions. Things have their way of falling into place, but they need a bit of help, so here are a few tips on how to choose the right wedding decorations for both an outside and indoor event.

A touch of personality

It is very important to make the event your own. Even tough you are not going to be 100% original, you might want to adapt any idea to your specific needs. So, if you have decided that a traditional, outdoor event is the right type for your needs, then choose the personalised ribbon for weddings. You could have a special message written on the ribbon or your names. It is up to you. In the end, this is what having personalised ribbons is all about. When you will see your name or wedding date hanging on tress written on beautiful ribbons, you will certainly not regret it!


Big satin bows


Bigger is better some might say and they might not be wrong. You need to remember what you are celebrating. Since this could very well be one of the most important event in your life, then why not celebrate it properly? Big bows are there to express the joy and happiness of taking part in such an event. So, if you are organising the event in your back yard, then go for it! Consider investing in large ribbons, preferably made from satin or organza and plant them in trees, on tables and chairs.


Flowers everywhere


Weddings are the perfect occasions to boost about your flowers. So, if you are not particularly interested in small decorative items, then consider investing in flower bouquets. You can choose whatever type of flowers you might appreciate. However, since you have to bring them together somehow, it is advisable to stick to two or three colours. For instance, you could choose red and white or pink and green. Choose flowers coming in these colours and your event will impress all guests.


There are plenty of ways you could decorate the wedding set. It is important to bring a touch of your personality and to make sure that everything is just as you have imagined. In the end, a wedding is your event and your wishes and desires matter the most.