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Three mandatory elements for this season’s wardrobe

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion

If you are passionate about fashion and style, but you also love to keep it cosy and casual, then you probably feel the urge to update your wardrobe season after season. No matter how many clothes you have, it seems that you never find something appropriate to wear for the occasion – and you are not the only one. Of course, this is not really true, which is why you need to stay focused and create the attire in your mind, before actually trying it on. If you want to avoid realising that certain garments do not actually fit, the best thing you can do is purchase some basic items that can be easily matched one with another. Here are some suggestions about the most versatile and useful pieces of clothing you must definitely buy, if you want to nail this season’s trends:

  1. Printed t-shirts

Whether you want to transmit a message, express your passion for a new band or movie, or you simply love having people turn their head around after you, a printed t-shirt is exactly the one piece you need. Prints Canada is one of the companies that can offer you plenty of models, colours and designs to choose from. In addition to this, you can even get a customised t-shirt, because several firms will even allow you to create your own design. Printed t-shirts are a great choice for a relaxed street outfit (with sneakers and jeans), but also for a fancy night out (if you wear a solid colour shirt on top). Furthermore, if you follow Carrie Bradshaw’s suggestion, they are also ideal for a classy dinner, when paired with a pencil skirt and a statement necklace. All you need to do is match them with the right accessories and details, and you will look amazing – this is how versatile printed t-shirts actually are.


  1. A cosy flannel shirt

As a fashionable person, you probably already know that having a bottom up, simple white shirt in your wardrobe is something mandatory. This pieces is one of the best known classics of style, so you must definitely own it. However, in the past months, more and more fashion bloggers, designers and icons have begun to promote the plaid shirt. For this reason, it has become a must have for those who want to respect the tendencies. No matter what type of plaid you choose, make sure the cosy flannel shirt will not miss from your wardrobe. You may be surprised to discover how many types of plaid there are: gingham, glen, tartan, check, tattersall, madras, window pane and the list can go on. Choose the pattern you like and experience!


  1.  Utility jacket

Utility jackets are stylish, versatile, urban and trendy. They can be combined with almost any piece, from a little black dress, to skinny jeans and summer dresses, so you must definitely purchase one, if you do not own it already. Any simple outfit will look better if you add a jacket on top. Furthermore, utility jackets are perfect for those layered attires you love so much