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Children are prone to lose their attention faster than adults especially when they do not find something interesting, thus it is important to help them regain their focus when trying to teach them something by making the practice more fun and easy to understand. Familiarizing children with abstract terms is difficult, but you can teach them a lot of things, if you can actually show them how to put the things they learn into practice or by bringing the abstract terms to life with a bit of crafting. For instance, you can help them remember the names of the colors by making bows together. Your kid will be delighted to make something cute and useful he can gift others or use for herself. You will find a multitude of ribbons of all sizes, patterns and colors at http://theribbonroom.co.uk/clearance.html/ that will help as motivation. Cutting, folding, arranging and gluing things together will also help children develop their dexterity.

Helping children focus

If you organize a little crafting project as for instance making bows and ribbons to decorate the house, your children will find the activity enjoyable, will anticipate the result and will probably be more focused than usual to achieve the goal as fast as possible. T takes determination to learn something new or to do tasks around the house, but you can make everything seem like a play and help them find the determination to complete their tasks. Instead of telling to repeat the colors by heart a hundred times, you can tell them to glue ribbons with the color you say on a cardboard. You can give them a little prize when they get something right to further motivate them.


Enhancing various skills

Motor skills and problem solving skills are just a few skills your children will develop under your supervision, if you organize crafting projects. Having to cut, fold and glue things will help them develop their dexterity and focus, while the challenge in itself will help them enhance their problem solving capabilities. Completing projects will also teach your kinds about the importance of commitment, something they would not learn without having the patience to see through with things, this is why making things enjoyable is mandatory and why crafting projects are of great help during the earlier years at least.


What materials can you use?

When it comes to finding crafting materials, in general, anything goes. However, aesthetically appealing and brightly colored materials are more likely to give the desired results. It is always a great idea to have some ribbon around the house, if your child needs an incentive to learn. Parents also have to oversee the crafting process to ensure that little kids do not get hurt. Paper, cardboard, ribbons, fabrics, clay and even wood are all materials that you can use for crafting. Your child will love the idea of doing something useful, not to mention that you will spend some quality time together.