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Top 11 Most Luxury Brands

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Jewelry


When it comes to fashion, luxury products seem to be the best bet. Whether you want to buy a watch or high jewelry, you shouldn’t opt for mainstream products. What you should be doing is supporting the good brands, i.e. the ones that offer great quality and exclusivity. If you’re thinking about making a purchase anytime soon, then you should purchase only from the leading most valuable luxury brands. By the way, which are the best ones available? Read on to find out. 

1.     Cartier

Cartier is an iconic French jewelry shop selling premium bracelets, rings, watches, perfumes, and more. They sell more than elegant accessories. Cartier makes available works of art that are surprisingly comfortable and functional. The Maison has designed delicate pieces for kings, queens, and princesses. Now, just about everyone can buy luxury Cartier.

2.     Rolex

Rolex is an esteemed Swiss luxury watchmaker. If you’re into timepieces, Rolex is the company that you’ll want to take seriously. Their products are purpose-built and the timekeeping accuracy is impressive. This is due to the know-how and undertaking of thousands of employees. Rolex makes more than 2,000 watches per day and generates billions of sales. Of, and it’s one of the world’s most powerful brands.

3.     Florian Helier

Florian Helier specializes in limited edition luxury lifestyle products, attracting only affluent customers. This luxury goods company offers watches and accessories, such as cufflinks and staples. What makes Florina Helier items stand out is ingenuousness, everyday applicability, and value. Since the distinctive label issues so very few pieces, it’s best to get your hands on them immediately.

4.     Harry Winston

The brand name that has managed to transform raw diamonds into artistic creations is Harry Winston. Jewelry and timepiece are what the company produces. Each product is handcrafted using the techniques of the legacy jewelry house. Basically, it’s like Harry Winston made them himself.

5.     Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels is a French company that provides extravagant watches, jewelry, and perfume. The history of the luxury brand began when Estelle Arpels married Alfred Van Cleef in 1895. To this day, the company is faithful to their creations. Van Cleef & Arpels succeeds in making wealthy women happy.

6.     Piaget

Piaget is another Swiss enterprise to make the list of distinctive labels. Clients buy Piaget watches and adornments because they are timeless, as well as appealing. After all, they are specialists in the luxury goods industry.

7.     Louis Vuitton

Lous Vuitton started the French fashion house with the desire to meet the need for sophisticated trunks. Thanks to him, baggage isn’t handled roughly anymore. The iconic luxury house also markets accessories, handpieces, fragrances, books, and just about anything. Obviously, the products are for both men and women.

8.     Bulgari

Bulgari, most commonly known as Bvgari, is an Italian store that exports the finest jewels. Whether made from gold of precious stones, the luxury pieces catch the eye. How do you recognize Bulgari items? Thanks to the Italian, Greek, and Roman elements.  When you buy Bulgari, you buy Italian greatness.

9.     Panerai

Panerai is yet another Italian iconic brand. Perhaps not as recognizable as Bulgari or Valentino, Panerai remains a big name in watch manufacturing. If you want to have a decent timepiece collection, turn to Panerai. The tickers may be expensive, but they are worth it.


Gucci isn’t synonymous with bargain. In fact, the Italian brand of fashion and leather goods doesn’t cater to the needs of ordinary people. Gucci items, whether watches, jewelry or fragrances are luxury. Great pleasure comes at a great price.


Graff is an English company headquartered in London. Luxury diamonds are their specialty. Just, kidding, Graff is all about manufacturing and selling timepieces and notable jewelry.