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Top Running Shoe Brands

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Shoes

First, the selection of your running shoes should start, especially for beginners, with a few questions: What are my objectives (running for maintenance, to lose weight or are you going to run marathons, for performance, etc.)? How often do you run (1-2 times per week or 5-6 times per week)? How long are the distances (1-2 miles or 5-6 miles per workout)? Where will you be running, i.e. on what type of surface (on a road, mountain, mixed surface etc.)? [if you are overweight, you should firstly orient yourself towards softer surfaces – the treadmill is a very wise option]. What is the budget you are willing to invest (and what are you willing to give up having a bigger budget: cigarettes, beer, coffee, your car, etc.? And many other questions of this type.

The top running shoe brands are: Asics, Mizuno, Saucony, New Balance, Adidas, Nike, Puma, Ecco, Salomon, Scarpa, Zoot, Brooks, La Sportiva, Altra, Inov8, Hoka, Montrail. With all these many brands it is hard to and there is probably no one who can say with certainty “The X model from Brand Y is the best choice.”

For one person a model one of the top running shoe brands like Saucony might seem the best, but maybe for some people, the model from Asics suits them better. It is advisable that everyone should experiment to see what suits her or him and what she/him likes best. Young mens fashion offers a wide array of sports shoes to choose from, so you have your choice of style, color, price and so on.

Before choosing one of the many top running shoe brands it is ideal to see them “live” and even test them before we buy them. That means going into a store that has a treadmill. Unfortunately, the supply of such stores is limited, as regards the brands and designs, colors and numbers, etc.

Some of the top running shoe brands are:

Nike – Air Max 95: One of the best running shoes of all time, being appreciated especially thanks to the model that has cushions, which was considered a revolutionary technology when the running shoes first came out on the market.

Salomon – Sense Mantra Trail Shoe

Salomon makes gorgeous trail shoes and this Sense Mantra is no exception. Apart from the attention to aesthetics, the Mantra surpasses thanks to its innovations that are usually rare for the price of $120 state of the art trail shoe. One of many technologies included in the Mantra is a quick-lace system made of Kevlar fiber.

Adidas – Energy Boost

Adidas is another example of the top running shoe brands. Released this past February, the Energy Boost is the first Adidas running shoe that includes their new Boost technology.

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