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Transitioning to your adult wardrobe. Essentials every woman should have

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion


Sometimes it is hard to adapt your style to one appropriate for a grown up woman. But maybe the context is forcing you to do so. Your soon-to-be working environment might have a dress code of some sort and you would better be able to fulfil the expectations. Also, advisable would be, if you are not constrained to a strict, formal outfit by your working environment, to invest in versatile pieces so you can mix and match them depending on the occasion. However, starting with leather briefcases and continuing with clothing, we have some advices for a smooth adult wardrobe transition.

Give up your college backpack for a “real world” leather briefcase

Yes, your backpack might be spacious, comfortable to wear and, in your college-girl-world, just perfect for every occasion. But in real world the campus accessorising rules do not apply. Real women invest in a great leather handbag or briefcase and you should obey to this unspoken rule equally. If you choose it wisely, it will last you for ages, and, it will also be easy to mix-and-match with other different pieces and integrate in a diversity of outfits. A great handbag or briefcase will make quite an impression at job interviews, at your workplace and casual or formal meetings. It will inspire professionalism and class, and this is what an adult woman should inspire.

Give up your college girl yoga pants

The unspoken rule of a grown up woman is “Leave the yoga pants for your yoga classes.” And you’d better obey if you want to be seen as a proper adult woman. The college days are over, and while this piece of clothing might have been acceptable in campus, in real world it’s not. Invest in proper adult clothing. Jeans that fit your body type, dresses in decent lengths, a couple of shirts, maybe a suit jacket, they are all essentials of a grown up woman. You can invest in versatile pieces, especially if you work in a business casual or casual office. You will be able to wear them even outside your office and instead of investing in numerous cheap pieces; it is advisable to consider ones on the pricier side, but with a lot of potential.

Here are some simple guidelines every girl trying to look more adult and professional after their college life could follow to leave a spotless and responsible impression in terms of wardrobe.