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Various ways to give a new look to your old clothes

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion

Do you want to change the look of your wardrobe but you don’t have enough money to spend on new clothes? Worry not. This article is going to give you several pieces of advice on how to update your old clothes to meet the trends of today. Even though you think that’s not possible, getting a little creative and using your skills can turn out amazing. Every single person owns a T-shirt that he or she no longer wears, a pair of ripped jeans that are now too out of date to wear or some white sneakers that are too boring to combine with fancy outfits. This is the reason why you might find these ideas extremely useful for a full wardrobe remodel. Here’s the list:

Add applications to your T-shirts

To fully change the appearance of your T-shirts, simply add some shapes on it. You can use the hair bow ribbons which you are never going to wear and add them to the back of your shirts. This will give them an elegant look and will offer you more modalities to wear them. Go ahead and look what other items around your house you can use as T-shirt applications. Think about beads, studs and other tiny elements that look good on textiles.  

Cutout lace shapes

Cutout shapes are pretty boring without a nice touch to them. Plus, if you cover the cutout with some lace, you will be able to wear the item during winter as well. Use lace to cover the cutout shape on your clothing item and this will give it a nice effect. If it’s summer, you can leave the cutout shape as it is and wear the T-shirt with a bralette underneath. Lace gives any item a touch of elegance, so you can wear the T-shirt to fancier events, such as a night out.

Ripped shorts

If you own a pair of long jeans that you never wear any longer, then you should re-purpose them and turn them into ripped shorts. Try the jeans on, mark the dimension you’d like to obtain after cutting them and go ahead and pull out little threads from the cut. After cutting the jeans down, you can add some textile paint to them. Polka dots are the easiest to make and they are always fashionable regardless of the actual fashion trends.