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Wedding gown trends for 2019

Written by Lexie Murphy on . Posted in Fashion

Some people may think that 2019 is miles away, but if you are a bride-to-be then you think that it is not enough time to find the perfect dress for your big day.  Well, you are not the only one who wants to make sure that once 2019 comes everything is decided. Wedding dress designers have prepared their collections for the year that has to come, because they want to inform women in time upon their choices. Every bridal show offered glimpses on how the wedding dresses for the following seasons will look, but if you did not have time to check them, then in this article you will find all the details you need. Some trends are about to stand even in 2019, but there are new trends that wait for their fans.


Wear something blue

As you already know every bride should wear something blue, but in the majority of cases, brides prefer to wear blue accessories or underwear. The latest wedding gown trends show that the wedding dresses are the ones that feature shades of blue. Some of them have a small touch of blue in the accents of the waist, but there are designers who preferred dark blues for their dresses. These dresses are a breath of fresh air everyone was looking for. If you have already purchased your dress, then you can customise it with some blue tulle ribbon.

3D flower designs

This trend is not new, you may have noticed that you can find numerous models of wedding gowns in store that feature 3D designs. But it seems that 2019 will focus on this trend, because all the famous designers have decided to include this feature into their dresses. If some prefer a single flower placed in a spot on the dress that catches attention, others prefer to decorate the entire gown with 3D flowers. There are countless possibilities if you want to have a gown embellished with 3D accents.

Huge ball gowns

Even if the royal wedding was in 2018, it does not mean that the ball gown trend will not become stronger the next year. In 2019, they are going to be bigger than ever, and you will need a large venue to have room to move around. These dresses are inspired from the ones of Disney princesses, so if you wanted to feel like a princess on your wedding day, these models are perfect.

The focus is on skirts

If until now the focus was on the top of the gowns, in 2019 designers prefer to change the focus and to pay more attention to the details of the skirt. Fanned fabrics, pomp oms, shades of colour, and avant-garde silhouettes, everything is used.

Bows, bows, bows

Everyone loves bows, especially when it comes to a wedding gown. A great trend for 2019 wedding dresses is a bow applied on dresses. Some of them are cute little bows used as accents if you want to draw attention to a certain part of the dress. Other designers prefer huge bows used instead of a train on the back of the dress.